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How to use PCA (Patch check Advanced) on Solaris 10

Patch Check Advanced, PCA , is a free tool that can be used to patch solaris systems. The cool thing about this tool is that it actually resolves the dependencies between patches. The tool can be downloaded here. PCA is very configurable, you can even get the results in html . . . Read more

Installing Ruby on a Solaris 10 Zone

I was very excited that Solaris 10 had a new release last week (Solaris 10 5/09) , but I discovered that it still did not include ruby programming language, I decided to install it on a Solaris 10 zone. The instructions below applies to a global zone as well but . . . Read more

Installing A Locale to A Solaris Zone

Recently I had to install a locale to one of my zones in my Solaris server. To do that I’ve used localeadm command. It is certainly possible to install packages manually from a solaris 10 dvd or cd but localeadm does this for you and it is easier. For the . . . Read more