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OpenIndiana B151a

Alasdair Lumsden of Everycity announced in his blog that OpenIndiana Build 151a will be released Wednesday 14th of September. The release notes can be found here and OI 151a will now use Illumos as its core. This is a crucial deviation, because having Illumos as a core on OI 151a, the last code that was distributed from OpenSolaris world is now replaced with their opensource counterparts.

Another feature is the KVM bits. Since Joyent ported KVM into Illumos with the release of SmartOS, this change will be carried over to OpenIndiana as well, thus letting people to be able to boot different OS’es on the kernel.

With the release of SmartOS and now OpenIndiana, I think we will be seeing more innovations around the code. I am really excited for the future and I applaud the OI community for the new release.