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OpenIndiana B151a

Alasdair Lumsden of Everycity announced in his blog that OpenIndiana Build 151a will be released Wednesday 14th of September. The release notes can be found here and OI 151a will now use Illumos as its core. This is a crucial deviation, because having Illumos as a core on OI 151a, the . . . Read more

Wire Me a Virtual Nic, Would Ya?

The idea of having a Virtual Nic in a Solaris environment is actually really cool. Virtual Nics have really nice features. It will let you have multiple IP addresses in only 1 NIC thus preventing you to use different physical NICs wired up if it is not necessary. You can . . . Read more

SmartOS….It’s here

I work for Joyent, we all share the passion for Solaris. Today, Joyent released their own Operating System, called SmartOS. I now carry that love over to SmartOS. The goodies that come with SmartOS among the other ones are the following ( in no particular order ): Native KVM ZFS . . . Read more

TED talk about the way we use Social Networking sites

I am shifting gears little bit here, when I first listened the following TED talk it really made me think about the way we post to facebook, twitter etc especially for the future: Adam Ostrow’s TED talk is short but very effective, I think the message goes across very nicely.. . . . Read more

Installing Rails3 on Solaris 10 9/10

A lot of things changed last time I played with Rails since version 2.3.2. This entry is about installing Rails3 on a Solaris 10 zone. Here are the steps to do so: PREPARATION First you will need to install Ruby 1.9.2 if you have not done so, instructions are in . . . Read more

How To Create a Ramdisk For Your Solaris Zone

Following entry is an example of how one might want to create a ramdisk for a Solaris Zone from the global system. Ramdisks can be used for many purposes due  to their fast access and nonvolatile nature. To create a Ramdisk in Solaris, we can use “ramdiskadm” command. What I . . . Read more

Promoting a ZFS File System

This came up at work a while ago when I was trying to troubleshoot an issue with a particular zone I was working with. Although promoting a zfs file system is a very well documented bits of ZFS, it just could not stop me from blogging about it. I have . . . Read more

Configuring OTRS 3.0.4 on OpenIndiana B148

OpenIndiana is the resurrection of OpenSolaris 2009.06. After it was decided that OpenSolaris was going to be left out in the cold, a project called Illumos created to maintain OpenSolaris source code.  To be more opensource than what OpenSolaris was, the closed binaries were left out and only the opensource . . . Read more