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Using IPF in your SmartMachine

Have you ever wondered how many unique IP addresses is hitting your web server ? Recently I was wondering about that, so I decided to check out my webserver’s access.log to see what was happening. A quick scan of the access log revealed some interesting information: [root@machine-unix ~]# cat <path/to/access.log> . . . Read more

SmartMachine Tools Package

Starting from  2012Q1 pkgsrc and later, you can download a toolset, a package called smtools from the Joyent pkgsrc repository which can benefit SmartMachine users in many ways. You can find more information here. The one currently I have in my own SmartMachine is the 20130103 package # pkgin se smtools smtools-20130103 . . . Read more

illumos (and SmartOS) / ZFS Days

Brought to you by the same people who organized dtrace.conf in April, 2012, this two-day event will be your opportunity to catch up on the illumos family (including, of course, SmartOS) and ZFS, and hear what’s new and what’s coming in this exciting and powerful family of technologies. Dates illumos Day: Monday, October 1st, 2012 . . . Read more

Beginning with SmartOS

If you happened to have a copy of the latest release of VMware Fusion, you can  start with SmartOS in your Mac Mountain Lion right now. The following post is intended to be a very simple introductionary tutorial for SmartOS. It is really to fun to play with and it will . . . Read more

Locales on SmartDataCenter

In one of my earlier posts, I briefly touched installing a locale on a solaris zone. It was and still is an easy procedure. On the GZ of SDC, most of the locales are installed already. If you have a SmartMachine provisioned in your environment, you can probably see what . . . Read more

Configuring Centos 6 VM NFS client on SmartOS with SDC

If you are using one of the Centos 6 datasets in SmartDataCenter, it is a breeze to setup an NFS client. Centos6 and the VM provided use “service” utility to start the necessary services at boot time and some of those services are “off” by default in a stock kernel . . . Read more

SmartOS….It’s here

I work for Joyent, we all share the passion for Solaris. Today, Joyent released their own Operating System, called SmartOS. I now carry that love over to SmartOS. The goodies that come with SmartOS among the other ones are the following ( in no particular order ): Native KVM ZFS . . . Read more