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Locales on SmartDataCenter

In one of my earlier posts, I briefly touched installing a locale on a solaris zone. It was and still is an easy procedure. On the GZ of SDC, most of the locales are installed already. If you have a SmartMachine provisioned in your environment, you can probably see what . . . Read more

Solaris ck* Tools

There are bunch of tools under Solaris systems that make your coding life easier, if you find yourself keep writing the same code over and over again in your scripst you might want to look at these tools. In my Openindiana 151a System, I have the following root@oi151a:~/Proj# ck ckdate . . . Read more

mDNS on OpenIndiana 151a

I stumbled upon the term at work. I knew nothing about it. I got really curious, because I’ve seen it in various places, could not resist and asked around and learned a bit about it. mDNS, aka multicast DNS is a protocol where you can use DNS related operations when . . . Read more

Wire Me a Virtual Nic, Would Ya?

The idea of having a Virtual Nic in a Solaris environment is actually really cool. Virtual Nics have really nice features. It will let you have multiple IP addresses in only 1 NIC thus preventing you to use different physical NICs wired up if it is not necessary. You can . . . Read more

Installing Rails3 on Solaris 10 9/10

A lot of things changed last time I played with Rails since version 2.3.2. This entry is about installing Rails3 on a Solaris 10 zone. Here are the steps to do so: PREPARATION First you will need to install Ruby 1.9.2 if you have not done so, instructions are in . . . Read more