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TermRecord – A tool for Terminal Session Recorder

I’ve been using script utility to record terminal session history in various *nix systems. The tool is very handy for a review of commands executed and their output during a system upgrade, or when generating a log of events. Sometimes, the output may contain extra characters that may distract you from reviewing it. The workaround to that issue is to use col utility to reformat the output but that may not be enough. So you may actually end up starting parsing the output with additional scripts or one liners. I am lazy, and I don’t want to do that.

So I found TermRecord tool while searching if any other alternatives were out there for script. It is very easy to use and it creates a playable html file for your session. You can even fast forward the output with a slider, or pause it if you need to.

Please see the demos created in authors github page for more information.

Happy scripting!